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Net Price Calculator at Carrington College

This tool is designed to help you understand the costs of attending Carrington College and how much financial aid you may be eligible for which can help offset some of the cost. You will be asked a few questions to help determine your financial and living situation so the net price calculator can provide the best possible information to help make your decision about attending Carrington College and how you willfinance your education.

Disclaimer – Please read before proceeding.

By clickingI Agree, you acknowledge that:

  • 此净价格计算器(NPC)适用于计划注册为全日制本科生并在规定的优先截止日期前申请卡灵顿学院经济援助的新生。智力对突尼斯直播比赛
  • 这个NPC只提供了财政援助的粗略估计,其准确性取决于输入的数据。
  • 并不是所有的学生都有资格获得全国人大规定的所有资助。
  • This NPC should not be used as the primary means of selecting a school.
  • This NPC is not designed to replace theFree Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)or a complete financial aid award package provided by Carrington College. FAFSA® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Education.
  • 智力对突尼斯直播比赛卡灵顿学院学生财务顾问将帮助您确定您可能符合什么援助,您的净成本将是什么,以及您可能如何资助您的教育。


Campus Name Net Price Calculator
CC Online
San Leandro
Pleasant Hill
San Jose
Carrington Online
Citrus Heights
CCC Online
Boise Online
Spokane Online
Las Vegas

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If you’re ready to begin, start by filling out the information in the calculator below. Follow the prompts until you reach the end, at which point you will receive your estimated cost of tuition and potential financial aid you may be eligible for.

Paying For College at Carrington College

Your education is a big investment, but like most investments, it takes some amount of money up front. A new career can transform your life, so paying for education shouldn’t stand in the way.